Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Twig Heart

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So the decorations are under way. I created this heart twig wreath with some of my spoils I collected the other day up on Box Hill.
Of course I added a few pompoms as I thought it was a nod to my pom pom flowers from a while back. It also looks a little like little snow balls have landed on the branches.
To create the heart was really easy and simple and is held in place with ribbon. To pull the centre of heart down in the middle I used some cotton which is attached to the bottom point.


  1. Absolutely LOVE your heart, so pretty... I was thinking of making something with twigs too, maybe a star! becky x

  2. Thank you x You must it took no time at all maybe we should have a craft day at mine.
    Bring some twigs x

  3. Absolutely! I'm going to do a bit of a crafty christmas this year! I've been rummaging around in my box of tricks.. and going to get all christmassy this weekend! can't wait! x