Thursday, 1 December 2011

Collecting Christmas Foliage

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Yesterday was such a beautiful day. Not only was the sun shining but I got to spend the day with my little family. The hubbie had a day off at last yay ! So we went to Box Hill in Surrey which is so beautiful. Especially with the coloured leaves still clinging onto the trees, not yet ready to surrender themselves to the winter. My mission also was to collect some winter foliage for the start of my Christmas nature decorations. I will post the pics soon of the creations.


My big boy nearly walking.

navajo poncho vintage knitwear holly texture winter ugg
Impromptu holly hair corsage.

View from the top.


How amazing and had a tree growing up through the middle of it.

Rex loved the texture and colours of the tower wall and so did I.

Apple eating pitstop.


  1. What a beautiful day and I love your big poncho! X

  2. Thank you my lovely x I wish everyday could be like that day x