Thursday, 31 May 2012

Bunting Inspiration

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After seeing the magnificent jubilee bunting and union jacks on display on Regent Street, you can understand all my Jubilee excitement. This was the inspiration for Rex's jubilee bunting.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Rex's Jubilee Bunting

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We are gearing up for our Queens jubilee celebration already, any excuse for us to get creative and crafty. 
We decided to make our own bunting for the street party at Great Grandma's (GiGi's) road on Sunday.
It was so lovely to be able to do it outside in the sun, bliss and less mess !
All we used was some cartridge paper, finger paints, a hole punch and some ribbon. All in red, white and blue of course. 
I was so chuffed with how it turned out I've hung it up inside until Sunday. x

Mama Style Working Wardrobe

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Now after having Rex I get very excited when I choose an outfit for work. This is my chance to be me and to wear things that are unpractical for rolling around with a toddler in. So a pleated maxi and long dangly earrings are a must. As Rex is not around to hide under my skirt or swing off my earrings. 
Oh and heels yay !

Skirt : PrĂȘt a Portobello. Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens.  

Monday, 28 May 2012

Sun San Sandals

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I have been looking everywhere for some lovely leather boys sandals for Rex, now that the sun has at last shown its glorious sunny self. The boys shoes out there I feel are horrendous, dull and always in the style of hiking sandals. I was looking for something that was practical and fun. 
I found these amazing vintage style Saltwater Sun San sandals.
These beauties are made with a specially treated leather with rust proof buckles that can be worn in the water. Perfect for our English pebble beaches. We gave these a good go at the beach last week ( pics to follow ) and  they really do what they say. 

I ordered them from, which I stumbled across while on the hunt and is full of lovely kids stuff. It arrived all wrapped up in lovely tissue paper. I'm a sucker for good presentation.
I want a pair too, I think they do adult ones but haven't found where yet. 

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Uh Oh in Action

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Here's the little man tucking into a jam tart modelling his home made Uh Oh Knee patches. x


Fave Colour Combo

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The sun is shining yay ! Time to wear my favourite colour combo Red and Turquoise.

Skirt : New Look,  Leather Jacket : Autograph at M & S, 
T-Shirt : H & M, Shoes : Converse.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Home made Chanel

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Every woman and myself included would love a bit of Chanel in their life. But when the purse strings are firmly tight, why not try some home made D.I.Y Chanel styling. I love the S/S 2012 Chanel campaign featuring theses fab pearl hair grips. All you need for these are some plain hair grips, some pearl beads. White cotton thread or fine wire, a needle and scissors. So simple just sew or fix with wire the pearls onto the hair grips and voila ! a la Chanel ! x

Chanel S/S 2012 

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Mama Style

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I made the big mistake this year by getting very excited when we had a warm spell earlier in the year. I packed all of my winter clothes away and I mean all of them. Only for it to have been bloomin freezing and so wet its ridiculous. Being so stubborn and refusing to get them back out again. I have been freezing and getting wet since. Plus I'm bored of my meagre in-between wardrobe offerings and all those summer dresses winking at me dying to be worn. Especially as I can fit into them again as I have lost all my baby weight now at last, nearly 2 years later. But this jumper is a great chilly compromise as it feels so summery and slightly warmer than a summer top. 

Jumper : River Island

Monday, 14 May 2012

Worn Out Knees

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Trousers worn by Rex take a lot of rough and tumble. Clothes don't last five minuets round here. Not only do they get caked in dirt, food, felt pen and other unidentifiable stains. They also get ripped, torn, holey and grown out of. With my new daily mantra of trying to make do and mend. I got the sewing machine out to save these trousers from being binned. The most obvious thing was to do a bog standard knee patch, but then I thought why not make them into a feature as well as a function. So I cut some speech bubble shaped pieces out of some other old stained jeans. Then stitched them on positioned over the worn out bits. I then stitched Rex's favourite words of the moment Uh Oh in the speech bubbles. 
Quite ironic as an Uh Oh ! is what happened to get them there in the first place.

Functional fun ! x

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Rainy Day Play

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Rain rain go away come again in the winter please ! With so many rainy days I am slowly loosing the will to live, especially with a toddler with inexhaustible energy ! In a bid to stop both Rex and myself from going slowly mad with cabin fever. We have been finger painting, potato printing and baking together . All of which has been so much fun but very, very messy. Those gingerbread men and women are very moorish though and I am not burning enough calories just continually walking back and forth to the biscuit tin.
I think we are just going to have to brave the wind and rain again this avo. It's a bonus Rex loves puddles and a lovely wet slide though. x