Monday, 30 January 2012

Grown up mini chair

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I was so chuffed when I saw this little chair by Chairs for Cherubs They are all handcrafted in the UK and are so beautifully finished. Ive been wanting to get a little comfy chair for master Rex for ages but hadn't seen the perfect one until now. It is also upholstered in one of my favourite prints by Cath Kidson. Rex loves sitting and climbing all over it and I'm hoping he will pass it onto his kids one day.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012


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Since cutting up my old leather 80's trousers I have been pondering on what to do with the rest of the left over leather. So I decided to make a collar style necklace. This is a great throw on accessory that can instantly jazz up any wardrobe basic or add something different to a dress etc.
It was super quick to make just by cutting a template out of card first. Then pin the template onto a piece of leather and cut out. I then just used a decorative pearl button to fasten the collar together. An instant fashion statement.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Fort Rex

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During the actioning of re-organisation and de-cluttering and buying wardrobes. We have amassed a huge amount of cardboard packaging. It seemed such a waste just chucking it and not putting it to good use. Oh what to do ? Rex has been enjoying an awful lot of time in small den like places of late. So I decided to build him a den, well a fort/castle to be exact.
It was so easy to make out of 4 pieces of card, some double sided sticky tape, a scalpel and a little bit of imagination.
Here we have fort Rex and it went down very well with master Rex. Lots of peeka boo through the windows and crawling in and out, and pulling it around the house.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Spot On

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I have a thing for polka dots. I cannot resist anything with them on and so a project came to mind. Recently I saw an amazing pair of polka dot printed jeans. It was so hard, but I resisted buying them as per my new years resolution and decided to recreate and make a better version myself.
So I grabbed an old pair of jeans I had, lobbed the legs off at the knee. Then I cut little leather circles out from an old pair of 80's leather trousers to create the polka dots. Then I stitched the leather dots onto the denim cut offs in a polka dot formation.
There you have it new from the old, my pair of polka dot lovelies for winter or summer.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Feeling Better with a fab find

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Hello and sorry for my quietness. We have been sick as dogs a horrendous Norovirus. I will save you from all the gory details you can imagine the worst and you would be right.
It truly is something else being so sick and having to look after a very sick little one too. Thank goodness it was a quick nasty one. Rex and I are on the mend and time to enjoy a find from just before we were sick. Yehah! and giddy up. Rex loves this fab 1950's homemade rocking horse we found in a charity shop.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Chic Shoe Rack

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I thought I'd turn this vintage sledge into a chic shoe rack as no snow seems to be coming soon. It was only meant for Christmas use, but I think it has to stay forever now.

How cute are Rex's new wellington boots and cheap as chips from Sainsbury's.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Weekend fun and frolics

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This weekend was a busy one phew ! But also a fun one.
Saturday we had lovely Cian's first birthday party which was really smashing. Rex was wearing a fab little get up with his party dickie bow, such a cutie.
Then after the party we all went home for a nap. The bouncy castle was exhausting for all of us I think.
We then thought we should get down to trying to keep one of our new years resolutions, to get organised.
Whatever possessed us to do this I don't know. We ventured to Ikea on a Saturday !? We always do this then say never again, as it truly is hell on earth. Yet again and again we always find ourselves going.
After what felt like hours in the black hole of Ikea we were sweaty and getting annoyed with everyone. Swearing (internally as we had Rex with us) all whilst trying to keep Rex entertained. We managed to get some kind of wardrobe system sorted. Plus watched six, yes six members of staff trying to use a fork lift truck to get our three missing bits of wardrobe down. Oh and Rex throwing his shoe off somewhere in Ikea. I had to retrace our steps all the way through the market hall again. I wanted to kill myself. Thank goodness I found the shoe.
God bless people that put children's lost items of clothing up high. Its like a beacon of light when you see it.
We then stuffed Rex and ourselves with Swedish meatballs to try and calm us all down.
I'm saying this again never will we do that again !
Saturday ikea no !

Sunday we had the beautiful Lynne's baby shower a great excuse to dig out a pretty vintage party dress. How amazing is that print and the colour combo love it !
It was a fab afternoon with the most yummy cakes I have ever had. I was gutted as I left my bloomin camera at home so no piccies booo.
I made my gift for Lynne and you can see what I made in my next post.

Nappy Cake

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So this is what I made Lynne for her baby shower, a nappy cake.
A good friend of mine Charlotte makes amazing ones and I have always thought its such an amazing gift idea, pretty and practical. So I thought I would try my hand at making one.
I bought a card cupcake stand to use as a base then rolled all 80 nappies and tied with string. Then arranged them all in a circle on each tier and secured with string and ribbon. Ta dah !

Friday, 6 January 2012

Home made maracas

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One of my new resolutions is to re-use and recycle and turn the boring into the fantastic. So with that in mind i decided to make Rex some home made maracas using some empty plastic bottles. I filled one with macaroni and one with rice. Rex loves touching and feeling everything so for decoration with a purpose i stuck on some velcro dots and squares. Rex loves them and so easy to make they entertained him for all of 5 mins a day. Make sure unlike me that you glue the screw lid shut otherwise like Rex your little one will start snacking on and distributing rice and macaroni round the house.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Jolly January x

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Happy New Year everyone!
Hope your Christmases and New Years Eves were everything you wanted them to be and more x
It's that time of year again where all the new years resolutions come into play.
This year I have decided to have a few simple but attainable resolutions so that I don't already feel so displeased with myself come mid January.
It's always a good time to try and keep positive and to stay upbeat after all the festivities. I find it so hard to make it a jolly January. As how depressing is it to take down the Christmas decorations, stripping the house slowly of every scrap of Christmas cheer.
Ive always wanted to since I was a child to keep the decorations up till my birthday at the end of Jan. So this January I'm declaring it to be a very jolly and crazy one. Dig out those coloured clothes and maybe keep a few sneaky decorations up.
Happy January everyone ! x