Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Pom Pom Toes

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I saw these amazing sandals in a magazine ages ago from ASOS.I have been a good girl and resisted the temptation to buy. Plus I would hardly ever get a chance to take these beauties out for a spin, so they would just be worshiped on a shelf collecting dust.

However they did give me inspiration for making a more wearable version for myself. I found a pair of cheap wedges on sale for £6, bargain, in an amazing almost fluro orange. Out came the pom pom maker, yay ! haven't used it since Christmas. Picked up some wool that matched the shoes. Two pom poms later, I stitched them to the shoes.
Two trends covered for spring/summer in one cheap hit.
A fluro, global mix up x

Picture ASOS pom pom tastic Sandals.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Mama and little boy style

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Here is one of our outfits from the weekend. I couldn't resist putting Rex in his homemade dungarees again. He looks such a cutie in them x
I went a bit polka dot mad, its been so nice not to have to wear a jumper. I love the spring x

Top: H&M , Jeans: TopShop, Braces: Absolute Vintage London, Necklace: Alice Eden ( Her Jewellery is Amazing you must check her site out incredible stuff )

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Weather Mobile

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I had such a great response from all you lovely people for my weather pillows, thank you so much. I thought I would make something based around that idea for Katie's new arrival. So I decided to make a weather mobile. Instead of being made of recycled jumpers like the pillows. They are made out of coloured felt filled with cushion stuffing and threaded together. Rex has been eyeing this up since I finished it and loves tickling the rain drops. So I already have one order to make x

Baby Shower Bits

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I've been a busy bee this week making stuff but haven't been able to reveal until today what I have been up to. It was all for my beautiful friend Katie's Baby shower which was today and they were all a surprise. So here are all the crafty bits I have been beavering away on all week.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Spring Fever

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Spring has most definitely sprung yay! at last !
We have all got spring fever in the house, and I wish it was in the literal sense and not in the sick sense. Bloomin viruses !
The weather is so beautiful, I just want to be outside enjoying the spring sun and flowers with my lovely boys. Instead I am slowly drowning in a mountain of snotty tissues and dirty nappies yay!
Please let us get better soon. I have such cabin fever and want to be able to take more pics than just of my back garden blossom and my fave vintage kids book. But both are very pretty though I thought x

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Home Made Kids Vintage

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I was inspired by my wonderful friend Alice, who had made her son Monty a pair of amazing 1970's style dungarees using a Cloth Kit. Her mum and my mum had made us clothes in the 1970's using these kits which were massively popular. Cloth Kits has now been newly resurrected from the 1970's and you can again by a few original pattern and print combo's from the 1970's archive. I wish they did more of the original kits though as there must be some more gems hiding.
I have been dying to get hold of some more vintage kids clothes for Rex but they are either few and far between or very expensive. So I thought like Alice why not just make some vintage style clothing instead.
I've been collecting vintage patterns and fabrics for ages and as usual they are all collecting dust in the loft. When I recently saw this gorgeous 1950's boys pattern. I new a little man it would look great on.
So here we have the finished dungarees from a 1950's pattern made in a 1970's fabric. They are a bit too big but Rex will grow into them in no time.
Only thing now is I want a pair too x

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Happy Mothers Day

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Happy mothers Day to all you wonderful and beautiful mummy's.
You are all doing the most special and important job of them all so give your selves a big pat on the back.
I am still learning and probably will be forever to be a mum. Day in, day out in the biggest challenge of my life. Full of joys and love and highs and lows and sometimes dealing with the relentlessness of it all.
This picture sums up for me the day I became a mother and captured the moment when my whole life changed forever. It truly is a very complex and very special moment that no amount of words can some it up.

Have fun today, all you amazing ladies out there.

A.K.A Mummy xxxx

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Silk Scarves Curtain

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Another collection of mine are vintage silk scarves. It is ridiculous how many I have and this pile is just the tip of the ice berg. I am always drawn to the beautiful colours and patterns but they are so delicate because of the silks age. They are just gathering dust and hardly ever see the light of day. So now I get to see them every day as I decided to make a curtain out of them by stitching them all together. Ive settled for just one for out upstairs window but could do all the windows in the house with my collection.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Rex king for 5 mins

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We had the most brilliant day out on Sunday at Hampton Court Palace. We are so lucky to have this gem on our doorstep and we both hadn't been in since we were children. So we decided as we were strolling down the river to go in. It is just as beautifully stunning as I remembered it. They have now made it so interactive for kids and big kids like ourselves. You can lounge on big floor cushions in the banqueting hall and play medieval board games.See how the food was prepared in the kitchens and stand in front of a huge lit kitchen fire. There was even a throne to sit in which Rex enjoyed thoroughly holding court. The staff helped us through back doors with big bunches of keys so we didn't have to carry the buggy up and down the stairs. It was a really fun and inspiring day out. Finished of with a run round the gardens and the maze. You really must go x

Monday, 5 March 2012

Mama Style

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The other day was the first day that I haven't worn a polo neck since october but that will be short lived as its gone freezing again.
Rex was enjoying the mama style fashion shoot he loves a camera.
I gave my new spring shoes a whirl, these little pink tassel loafers are from Office . Alas I think the boots will be back on again tomorrow. Come on Spring Hurry up !
Everything else is from the personal katthiskatthat vintage wardrobe archive, it's extensive x

Post It Art

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Here's a little quickie entertainer with some cheap post it notes for those rainy days when you want to be creative without too much mess. Be warned though, I have been leaving the house since doing this with post it notes stuck to my shoes and clothes.