Monday, 12 March 2012

Rex king for 5 mins

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We had the most brilliant day out on Sunday at Hampton Court Palace. We are so lucky to have this gem on our doorstep and we both hadn't been in since we were children. So we decided as we were strolling down the river to go in. It is just as beautifully stunning as I remembered it. They have now made it so interactive for kids and big kids like ourselves. You can lounge on big floor cushions in the banqueting hall and play medieval board games.See how the food was prepared in the kitchens and stand in front of a huge lit kitchen fire. There was even a throne to sit in which Rex enjoyed thoroughly holding court. The staff helped us through back doors with big bunches of keys so we didn't have to carry the buggy up and down the stairs. It was a really fun and inspiring day out. Finished of with a run round the gardens and the maze. You really must go x

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  1. Lovely! I always love visiting Hampton Court Palace, but my absolute fab is when all the flowers come out in spring.. Not long now!!
    Lovely reading you again, love the roundness at 17, xx