Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Monster Jeans

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Bit of a monster theme going on at the mo I think it must be as we are getting closer and closer to Halloween.
These are a great way of making trousers and jeans wearable for a bit longer. When the holes start appearing use them as a feature.
Really easy to do all you need is some old scraps of fabric. Here I used some old jersey cut up from an old baby grow, some felt and some embroidery thread.
Sew the jersey behind the hole, stitch it on, then stitch the details on top like eyes etc.
Done, your very own monsters playing peek a boo !

Monday, 28 October 2013

Mama Style Post Preggers !

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Post pregnancy style hmmmmm x Nothing in my wardrobe fits and my body is just an odd shape.
I only want to wear black but have hardly any and it shows up baby vomit. Forgot about that old chestnut!
Its like dressing another woman's body, all my stuff I used to wear looks just weird or just accentuates all the plumper bits (as you can see from these pics!). Plus having a small baby constantly hanging off me plus a toddler  means certain items of clothing are off limits and even hazardous, note to oneself a fringed kimono equals cats cradle baby / live puppet looking show, plus one arm shut in car door and other round the gear stick. I was stuck, not joking ! Don't get me wrong I live by the rule now and after I had Rex, a year on a year off. Alas it still depresses me that after what felt like years of pregnancy where I could not wear any of my fave things, I still wont be able to wear for some time to come. I know its not a biggie in the grand scheme of life, but I love fashion and clothes and dressing up (occupational hazard) and its just not so fun at the moment, boooooooo !
Its a fun challenge though picking through what does fit as I try to piece back together a bit of me with my new daily changing body.
This is an outfit for being me again for a couple of hours for the first time since having Dottie as I was off to an event.
Trying out a few new season trends of tartan, leopard and fierce looking bling.

Shirt: Primark,
Necklace: Mango
Jumpsuit: Vintage
Shoes: Really Really Old Dolcis !

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Conker Creatures

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Some friends for the Conker Monsters some Conker Creatures.
Honestly I could keep going the options are endless and so is the amount of conkers we have ! x


Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Conker Monsters

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Rex and I had great fun making these fun little Conker Monsters while Dottie watched us.
We had, or should I say Rex had collected a ridiculous amount of conkers over the last couple of weeks. Ive been racking my brains as to what on earth I was going to do with them all. I eventually had a brain wave about these little fellas and was so chuffed with how they turned out. Really easy to make and can be used in time for Halloween as decorations.

We made a little video tutorial which I will post shortly.
Have fun ! x


Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Life Lately

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I cannot believe that my little girl is already 8 weeks old ! Its going crazy fast these hazy, crazy sleep deprived days. My baby is getting bigger and bigger by the minute and so is my big baby boy who has just turned three ! Its been blooming hard, eyes burning from sheer exhaustion hard work the past 8 weeks, but we have also had so much fun and joy and laughter. Plus allot of shouting, hissy fits and crying fits from all of us ! 
All getting to know our new rhythm as a family of four x

Wednesday, 2 October 2013


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Introducing our new look family x 
Dorothy Lilian was born on the 16th Aug 2013 weighing 7lb 8oz.
I will not bore or scare you all with the birth story but the most important thing she arrived safely by emergency c section.
Sorry for the lack of posts been trying to get back on the mend as this labour knocked me for six. Plus I also have been recovering from strep b, a nasty one that infection is.
Really looking forward to sharing this new chapter with you all and I am slowly getting into the swing of being a mother of 2. 
How grown up that sounds ! x