Monday, 28 October 2013

Mama Style Post Preggers !

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Post pregnancy style hmmmmm x Nothing in my wardrobe fits and my body is just an odd shape.
I only want to wear black but have hardly any and it shows up baby vomit. Forgot about that old chestnut!
Its like dressing another woman's body, all my stuff I used to wear looks just weird or just accentuates all the plumper bits (as you can see from these pics!). Plus having a small baby constantly hanging off me plus a toddler  means certain items of clothing are off limits and even hazardous, note to oneself a fringed kimono equals cats cradle baby / live puppet looking show, plus one arm shut in car door and other round the gear stick. I was stuck, not joking ! Don't get me wrong I live by the rule now and after I had Rex, a year on a year off. Alas it still depresses me that after what felt like years of pregnancy where I could not wear any of my fave things, I still wont be able to wear for some time to come. I know its not a biggie in the grand scheme of life, but I love fashion and clothes and dressing up (occupational hazard) and its just not so fun at the moment, boooooooo !
Its a fun challenge though picking through what does fit as I try to piece back together a bit of me with my new daily changing body.
This is an outfit for being me again for a couple of hours for the first time since having Dottie as I was off to an event.
Trying out a few new season trends of tartan, leopard and fierce looking bling.

Shirt: Primark,
Necklace: Mango
Jumpsuit: Vintage
Shoes: Really Really Old Dolcis !

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