Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Mama Style

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Sequins and glitter in the day I have always loved but its not seen as so strange when Christmas is aproaching. I especially like them when teamed with casual stuff like this check shirt or denim. So get those evening bits out and wear them in the day. Plus I hardly ever go out partying in the evening after having Rex. So I will never get a chance to wear them if I don't wear them in the day x

Check these sparklers out a cheap Christmas treat from New Look

Monday, 28 November 2011

Rex's Art

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I love silhouette paintings and have been collecting them over the years. I wanted to create a piece of art work for Rex's birthday every year. So for his first birthday I drew Rex's silhouette. I'm thinking I might have to do the rest of the family too.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Christmas is coming

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I am just too excited as Christmas is coming yay ! Nearly there so let the festivities begin.
I know its a bit too early for decorations yet. But a few twinkling lights round the bed frame doesn't really count.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Granny Squares

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I have always loved a granny square or Afghan blanket. I use this one as a curtain for my wardrobe. I think it must be the colour explosion of all the different coloured wool that draws me in. Plus no one blanket is the same, every one beautifully unique. So when I clapped eyes on this waistcoat it was love at first sight.
I don't feel like such a granny in it this winter, as both Henry Holland and Christopher Kane both took inspiration from the granny blanket this season.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Mothers Meeting

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Had a really fantastic and different mama and baby day out today. Rex and I went into London to visit The Wallace Collection, which was spectacular. I wish I could have spent more time wandering, spent too much time chatting.
I cannot believe I have never been there before. We met up with a fab bunch of mums and babies organised by Jenny from www.mothers-meeting.com. A fantastic site and blog which hold regular meet ups at great and interesting places.
I met some amazing and very inspiring ladies and had a yummy lunch in the restaurant there. We had a wander round the rooms which housed some gorgeous collections of art, object dar't and armour. You must check it out for yourself . Thank you so much for a great day ladies and Jenny for organising. x

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Upcycled Buba

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I hate throwing things away, I am a terrible hoarder. Especially when I have a sentimental connection to it. So giving or throwing away trashed baby grows I find hard. As for each one he grows out of means my baby is getting older and older. So I saved a few of my fave's that are a bit too stained to be passed on, and have made some dribble bibs for Rex out of them.

All you need to do is cut the largest part of the baby grow or vest into a triangle. Fold the edges over and topstitch with a zigzag stitch. That's it.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Wonderful Weekend

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We had the most amazing weekend in the Ceiriog Valley Wales with our amazing friends who live there. We really didn't want to leave last night. Such breathtaking views, amazing food and company, filled our souls and bellies to the brim.

Phil and Rex sheep spotting.

The buggy nearly made it to the top. We abandoned it and decided to carry Rex the rest of the way.

The perfect office for the kat this kat that headquarters.

Thank you Suzie and Bernard x

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Lovely Bits And Bobs

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A bit of eye candy for you on a Friday. Here's a little collection of beautiful things I have found and love.

How cute is this jumper for Rex from BHS. The car we bought for Rex's 1st birthday from ASPACE.

This is such an amazing printed Scarf . What a great combination Foxes and polka dots. Genius ! From Dorothy Perkins.

Scarf DP's as before. Bowler hat Marks and Spencer.

How beautiful is the feather headdress on the wall. It is a JuJu hat from South Africa.

I was so chuffed when I found this vintage ladder in such a wonderful colour green.
The star print dungarees are from Mini Boden.
I wanted to use the ladder as a towel rail for our bathroom. But Rex had other designs on it as a bit of after bath climbing so its in hiding now after I took this piccie, boooooo x

Up West

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I was heading up to West London yesterday evening and I went to check out the Christmas windows at Selfridges en route.
Selfridges is one of my favourite London stores. I have always had a soft spot for it since I used to work there when I was a teenager as a saturday girl. The window displays were so amazing and the lights twinkling all the way down oxford street.It made me feel all warm and christmassy. I loved that they only used white throughout all the windows, really understated and clever but magical.
My inspiration for my homemade christmas decs this year I'm thinking.

Skirt was a dress originally that I changed to a maxi skirt from H&M, Jumper Miss Selfridge.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011


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The Stole is finished and I am so pleased with it. I think next time I will make one all stripey as it makes the fur feel and look far more substantial. Its so hard to find really good cheap faux fur in the shops. Most of the amazing one's I've found are so expensive, by the time I've bought the fur. I might as well have bought the Prada stole it would have probably cost the same.

Love it with my Dalmatian print, faux pony skin shoes. They are from Next a real bargain.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Trying to make a stole

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I have been trying to make a similar stole to this one from Prada's last summers collection for ages. I fell in love with it and wanted one in every colour, but I did not fall in love with the price tag. It all started well, but them came Rex the destroyer. I thought I'd try and do this with Rex around and thought it be fun !? Well it was for him as you can see from the pics. But he did also consume quite a bit of faux fur fluff and traipse it all round the house. When Phil got in it looked like there had been a fight with the whole cast of fragile rock in our living room. Think I will finish the rest after Rex has gone to bed x

Prada Spring / Summer 2011. Style.com