Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Pfooooooooofff I'm 2

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Happy Birthday Rex

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My baby boy Rex is 2 today. I can hardly believe it.
Happy Birthday my special boy. 
Love you so so much xxxxxxxx

Carrying on the tradition of making Rex a picture for each Birthday. This year I drew for him a number 2 filled with some of his favourite things from his 2 years of fun and frolics.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012


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Rex is obsessed with trains or Choo Choo's as they are known around here. This is an amazing find and If you live near this place you must go and check it out. Kids and big kids will love it. 
Its a model steam railway which you can also have a ride on in Thames Ditton, Surrey. 
It's run by the Malden and District Society of Model Engineers who are so wonderfully enthusiastic about their trains. It is such an amazing place and is only open for one more session this year until next spring. Its on the 1st Sunday of every month up until October so you have one last chance to go till next year. 

Happy Wedding Anniversary

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While we were away it was our 3 year wedding anniversary.
Traditionally you should give each other something leather for 3 years. So I made this leather paperweight for Phil and stitched our wedding date on.
Happy Anniversary Phil, I love you x

Friday, 21 September 2012

Our Holiday Part 2

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A home made melon boat cake thingy for Phil's Birthday with mango shaped fish. x

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Our Holiday Part 1

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We have only been back for a couple of days, but the holiday seems like a wonderful dream that never happened. 
Putting these pics together ignited all those amazing memories of what a wonderful time we had. 
Lanzarote is not "lanzagrotty" which it is so often called, there is unspoiled beauty everywhere if you look away from the resort centres.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

All Packed Up

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All packed up and ready to leave for our holidays tomorrow at the crack of dawn. I find it so hard to pack, and struggle with packing light. The picture below is how I could travel quite happily and could easily fill them all. 
Now having to share my case with Rex poses a space issue, as I find it already so hard to choose what to take for myself. I now also have to think about Rex too. I'm very good at giving out advice on packing, such as capsule wardrobes etc, being a stylist by trade and all. It all goes out the window with packing for myself and I want to take everything with me. I am a "what if I need it" kind of girl, packing for every eventuality. Even though every holiday I always wear just a couple of trusty favourites. I'm rubbish, I just can't pack light.
I'm learning slowly though. I now take only half the stuff I used to as the other half of the case is given to Rex.

The Dream I have of being able to pack like this.

The reality my suitcase.

Rex's little case he has the idea of travelling light . All he needs are his favourite Nick knacks.

And a pair of my sunglasses x

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Boat Races

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We had a wonderful day out catching the last sun rays of summer and a family boat race along the river. 
All you need for a truly wonderful day out is some paper, scissors, glue and cocktail sticks. Oh, and a river. I know I say this again and again but having Rex has really opened my eyes to the simple things in life, they really are so much fun. Stone skimming is so underrated in adult life. 

These are the days that make life fantastic x

Watch me to find out how to make paper boats. x