Thursday, 6 September 2012

All Packed Up

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All packed up and ready to leave for our holidays tomorrow at the crack of dawn. I find it so hard to pack, and struggle with packing light. The picture below is how I could travel quite happily and could easily fill them all. 
Now having to share my case with Rex poses a space issue, as I find it already so hard to choose what to take for myself. I now also have to think about Rex too. I'm very good at giving out advice on packing, such as capsule wardrobes etc, being a stylist by trade and all. It all goes out the window with packing for myself and I want to take everything with me. I am a "what if I need it" kind of girl, packing for every eventuality. Even though every holiday I always wear just a couple of trusty favourites. I'm rubbish, I just can't pack light.
I'm learning slowly though. I now take only half the stuff I used to as the other half of the case is given to Rex.

The Dream I have of being able to pack like this.

The reality my suitcase.

Rex's little case he has the idea of travelling light . All he needs are his favourite Nick knacks.

And a pair of my sunglasses x

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