Friday, 21 December 2012

DIY Fox Head Wall Bust

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Ive finished one of Rex's Christmas pressies at last, a papier mache foxes head wall bust.
I fell in love with one I saw at Bodie and Fou which is so beautifully made from wool felt, and I have always loved the papier mache animal heads from Athropologie. Neither of those come cheap and I just couldn't justify it. So I thought I would try my hand at making a hybrid version myself. 

Here is the finished fox head hanging where it will go in Rex's room.

The instructions of how to make your very own animal head are below. 

To make your chosen animal head simply make a base out of card stuck together with cello tape or masking tape.

I found that PVA mixed with a little warm water makes a stronger papier mache than wallpaper paste.

Add the strips of newspaper to the head and build up shape for noses etc with scrunched up paper and beads are great to use for eyes all covered in layers of papier mache.

Then Paint your head when dry. I used for the whiskers embroidery thread stiffened with PVA, it works a treat.

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