Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Home Made Kids Vintage

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I was inspired by my wonderful friend Alice, who had made her son Monty a pair of amazing 1970's style dungarees using a Cloth Kit. Her mum and my mum had made us clothes in the 1970's using these kits which were massively popular. Cloth Kits has now been newly resurrected from the 1970's and you can again by a few original pattern and print combo's from the 1970's archive. I wish they did more of the original kits though as there must be some more gems hiding.
I have been dying to get hold of some more vintage kids clothes for Rex but they are either few and far between or very expensive. So I thought like Alice why not just make some vintage style clothing instead.
I've been collecting vintage patterns and fabrics for ages and as usual they are all collecting dust in the loft. When I recently saw this gorgeous 1950's boys pattern. I new a little man it would look great on.
So here we have the finished dungarees from a 1950's pattern made in a 1970's fabric. They are a bit too big but Rex will grow into them in no time.
Only thing now is I want a pair too x

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