Sunday, 8 January 2012

Weekend fun and frolics

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This weekend was a busy one phew ! But also a fun one.
Saturday we had lovely Cian's first birthday party which was really smashing. Rex was wearing a fab little get up with his party dickie bow, such a cutie.
Then after the party we all went home for a nap. The bouncy castle was exhausting for all of us I think.
We then thought we should get down to trying to keep one of our new years resolutions, to get organised.
Whatever possessed us to do this I don't know. We ventured to Ikea on a Saturday !? We always do this then say never again, as it truly is hell on earth. Yet again and again we always find ourselves going.
After what felt like hours in the black hole of Ikea we were sweaty and getting annoyed with everyone. Swearing (internally as we had Rex with us) all whilst trying to keep Rex entertained. We managed to get some kind of wardrobe system sorted. Plus watched six, yes six members of staff trying to use a fork lift truck to get our three missing bits of wardrobe down. Oh and Rex throwing his shoe off somewhere in Ikea. I had to retrace our steps all the way through the market hall again. I wanted to kill myself. Thank goodness I found the shoe.
God bless people that put children's lost items of clothing up high. Its like a beacon of light when you see it.
We then stuffed Rex and ourselves with Swedish meatballs to try and calm us all down.
I'm saying this again never will we do that again !
Saturday ikea no !

Sunday we had the beautiful Lynne's baby shower a great excuse to dig out a pretty vintage party dress. How amazing is that print and the colour combo love it !
It was a fab afternoon with the most yummy cakes I have ever had. I was gutted as I left my bloomin camera at home so no piccies booo.
I made my gift for Lynne and you can see what I made in my next post.

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