Monday, 14 May 2012

Worn Out Knees

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Trousers worn by Rex take a lot of rough and tumble. Clothes don't last five minuets round here. Not only do they get caked in dirt, food, felt pen and other unidentifiable stains. They also get ripped, torn, holey and grown out of. With my new daily mantra of trying to make do and mend. I got the sewing machine out to save these trousers from being binned. The most obvious thing was to do a bog standard knee patch, but then I thought why not make them into a feature as well as a function. So I cut some speech bubble shaped pieces out of some other old stained jeans. Then stitched them on positioned over the worn out bits. I then stitched Rex's favourite words of the moment Uh Oh in the speech bubbles. 
Quite ironic as an Uh Oh ! is what happened to get them there in the first place.

Functional fun ! x

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