Friday, 2 December 2011

Rex's Room

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Thought I would carry on with the home tour and show you one of my faveourite rooms of the house, master Rex's bedroom. I love his stripey ceiling but it didnt half give me arm and neck ache painting it.This ceiling also has been patched two times as we kept putting our foot through it when we were fixing the loft.
The victorian desk was a christening pressie that Phil A.K.A Daddy found and the sun light was from Ikea.
This room was also my room when I was Rex's age so it is even more special. The little hatch in the ceiling is so odd and I have no idea why it is there. But it always makes me smile as it is like a child size loft hatch.


  1. Hi Kat,

    I love your blog (just discovered it recently as I'm a friend of Justine Brennan/Hepburn). I think you've done a fab job with Rex's room, it'll stand the test of time without having to be redecorated as he grows from baby to toddler to 'big boy'!! (unless of course you get bored with the decor and feel for a change lol). I just wondered if you have any recommendations of blogs/websites for inspiration for stylish boys bedrooms? My New Year's project will be redecorating my son's room but I am struggling for ideas that aren't too twee or run-of-the-mill.
    Thanks in advance, and keep up the good work with the blog :-)
    Erika x

  2. Hi Erica
    Thank you for your message and I am so happy you are enjoying the blog x
    I've pasted a link to bodie and Fou as they see some fab books by Paume which have some amazing images of kids rooms. They are books on kids rooms from different countries.

    I always find the scandinavian blogs always the best with alternative kids decor.
    Milk Magazine often has lovely images
    Then I use their fave blogs and then usually get some good start off images. Hope this will give you some good inspiration and please let me know if I can help you with any further info. I do interior styling so if there is anything specific your looking for let me know.
    Have a great weekend
    Kat x

  3. LOVE the room, so gorgeous, my two share so its quite hard finding unisex nursery inspiration (its either all pink or all blue) xxx

    1. Thank you again x I know I cannot stand all the gender specific nonsense available. Your only a kid once so I think its a good excuse for an explosion in a paint pox and go for every bright colour possible. x