Thursday, 25 April 2013

DIY Project: "Man Up" The Dolls House

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I have been meaning to do this since Rex was born, so nearly 3 years later I get round to doing it !
This was my dolls house from when I was a little girl. With another one on the way I wanted Rex to have a chance to play with it before he has to share it. The mission was to "man it up" a bit for him and it needed bringing up to date. It was wallpapered in old 70's wallpaper, from a sample book my mum had managed to get hold of from Fads (the 70's/80's DIY store) when I was little. Trying to strip a dolls house of wood chip is harder than a normal sized house. Even more so being pregnant and having to roll around on the floor to get in there with a wall paper striper.I should of got Phil to film it so you could have all had a good laugh at me. But I got in there and then painted the outside with black chalkboard paint and the inside with white gloss. The idea being its an interactive chalkboard/dolls house that Rex can draw all over and wipe off and start again.
Now all Rex needs to do is move in the dolls and furniture. I will take some pics.x

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  1. This is amazing! Am inspired to try something like this myself!