Wednesday, 1 May 2013

DIY Cardboard Shape House

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I found this project I did ages ago but never got round to sharing with you. Rex looks so young in the pics, goodness he grows so fast. x With some of the lovely sun we've been having I must plan a large scale garden project again soon. Hope the weather holds out for you all to give this a go.

All that packaging we turf out day in day out makes me feel so bad for our planet and the future of it for Rex. I wont go all eco warrior on you, there is such a fun element to re-using and recycling by putting it to good use. I’m an avid collector of bottles, lids, cardboard etc.; it must be from my childhood love of Blue Peter DIY. 
All you need for you to make your very own fun and educational “Shape Peek a Boo” house. are some old cardboard boxes, string, a pencil, a bradel (or something pointy to make holes with), a ruler, a scalpel and some double-sided sticky tape. 

Finally after all that tadah! Your own little “Shape peek a boo house” Rex couldn’t wait to get inside.
Now for the fun bit, time to let Rex loose with the paint and the pens and decorate the “Shape peek a boo house”. Secretly I was
looking forward to this bit too I love painting with Rex. Especially outside as you can really go for it as you have no mess to worry about and can go crazy !

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