Wednesday, 17 April 2013

22 Weeks Bump Style

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Hello and sorry for the lack of posts recently. I hold my hands up and say I am struggling with this pregnancy lark and looking after a toddler. My goodness why I ever moaned about being tired or exhausted as I used to say with my first pregnancy. All I had to do is look after just myself and the bump and sit and work at my desk, have a few meetings and eat all day and all night. Now I just don't stop all day. No taking it easy with my feet up just business as usual all the same lifting and carrying and the cherry on the cake " potty training " ! Picking up poo while nearly 6 months pregnant is no mean feet. If occupational health took a visit and accessed what I did at home I would be signed off work. x Bring on the sun so I can wear flip flops, anything lace up now is a huffing, puffing joke, and now I have two pairs of feet to sort out.
As you have guessed I am not a good pregnant woman, still trying to look semi alright everyday but the lure of the tracksuit is beckoning x I'm a glutton for punishment though I wouldn't have it any other way, its all worth it in the end. Love my little boy so much and very excited about meeting another little monkey to challenge me every min of every day ?! I must be mad ! xxx

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  1. I agree, being a full time mum to a toddler (especially a boy!) whilst pregnant is really tough. I was going through the same thing 2 yrs ago when I was pregnant with my daughter. I remember breaking down in tears outside my house because I just could not get my son, who was kicking and screaming, into his car seat. Good luck with the potty training, it will all be soooo worth it when you're not trying to crawl after Rex to change his nappy whilst heavily pregnant. Plus you won't have two sets of nappies to change one the little one arrives - gotta be worth it!
    Hope you're okay otherwise, I'm sure things must still feel difficult with everything you've had to deal with recently. Sending hugs xx