Monday, 11 February 2013

One In One Out

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Life is full of such wonderful joy and such immense sadness, but when it is felt simultaneously it leaves you in equal measures of both marvel and shock.
In the last week my life has been a roller coaster of emotions of ecstatically happy to immense emotional pain and back again.
My father very suddenly passed away last week, it was, and still is such a huge shock.
We also recently have just told everyone that we are expecting our second child as I am 14 weeks pregnant.
It really did make me feel like life works in a one in one out policy, well that's how it has felt to me.
I mentioned in a previous post my Dad had vascular dementia and I was always so terrified of how and what state he would exit this life in. Even as much as it is a shock to me to loose him so suddenly. I feel so blessed that I lost him knowing that he knew who he was and who we are and that he was so loved very much.

Life is a gift that is so precious and amazing and in a blink of an eye its gone, so enjoy and treasure every second of everyday if you can.

Bye Bye Daddy I Love you x


  1. So very sorry for your loss Kat - I love this photo of your dad and son.

    Congratulations on the new life growing inside of you! Look after yourself and your little family.

    Karen x

    PS - I really love your blog.

  2. I am sorry to hear about your father's death. Also sorry that he will not meet your new child. But your children will encounter your father in you. love Peaklass x

  3. Sorry to here about your Dad Kat, I love what you have written here about life being a gift, it's so easy to forget it sometimes x

  4. Kat I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I was also so touched by your comment on life being a gift, it's so easy to lose sight of that at times, particularly when we get caught up with all the small stuff, so thank you for the reminder.
    Congratulations on your pregnancy, wonderful news xx

    ps. hope you don't mind me suggesting an amazing book you might find helpful; 'On Grief and Grieving' by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

  5. Hi Kat, read the article on you and your home in Red, loved it! and had to come and have a look at your blog. I'm so sorry for your loss, I have been there, there is nothing sadder than to loose a parent (there is just one thing) even if he was ill. My dad passed away after many years of battling cancer and eventually lost the fight when it got into his brain. When it happened I was pregnant, didn't know yet it was twin(my boys are three now) and I'm thankful that my dad knew I was pregnant, he knew who we were and he felt really loved.
    From the moment I read you live in Worcester park I thought I should contact you. We live here too although I'm not local, we're a Bolivian/Dutch family that fell in love with Worcester Park and it's proximity to London. So if you ever fancy company going to the park or something..
    ps also love the personalised numbers, what a great idea!!

    1. Thank you so much for your message, and sorry it has taken me an age to get back to you.
      Lets keep in touch please email me your details and we should hook up its always lovely to me a fellow worcester parker.