Wednesday, 21 November 2012

DIY Kids Cooker

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I've been looking at cookers and kitchens for Rex for ages as he loves all his saucepans and faux food and makes a beeline for them at friends houses. I looked at the price and thought will the novelty wear off if we have one in our house? I thought to myself why not just make one, Rex loves a cardboard box as much as a kitchen so the two combined would surely be an irresistible combination to him.
It really was easy to make I promise, especially if you use an old small piece of furniture as a base. I was so chuffed with the outcome and even the knobs turn. 
Rex adores it and it cost me nothing.

All you need is cardboard, brown paper, gaffer tape, Stanley knife, Old bottle tops, metal paper ties, string and glue.

Measure all the pieces to fit snugly round your furniture base and cut out with Stanley knife.

Cut two square out making sure to leave one side to score and fold to act as a hinge for a grill and oven door. Then stick sides together around the frame with Gaffer tape and cover with brown paper.

Make a hole in the centre of bottle tops and attach with a paper tie. This allows the knobs to turn.
Then thread string through some holes a secure with a knot to make oven and grill door handles.

Cut four circles out for hob and stick with glue.

Then add details with pens or paint.

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