Saturday, 17 November 2012

A breath of fresh air to repair

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Its amazing just how better you feel about things when you step outside into the fresh air. A big open space allows you time to breath, reflect and process life.
Sorry for the lack of posts  its been a tough couple of weeks here at home. My father has recently been diagnosed with vascular dementia which has been a whopper to deal with emotionally. My side of the family consists of just me and my Dad. So as my Dads memory starts to fade so does the only person that remembers me as a child and my life growing up.
So my blog has become even more important to me now as Rex will always have a photo documentary of his life, and all the crazy and silly things we got and carry on getting up to. 
Here forever for him to always see and read.
Life sucks sometimes but then it shows you its beauty and makes you pick yourself up and get on with it x

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  1. Kat, I'm so sorry to hear that news. Thinking of you and your Dad, Love from Manchester xx