Tuesday, 21 August 2012

DIY Cushions from Dresses

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I have such a ridiculous amount of collected fabrics old and new, and collected from all over the world. Some of my favourite fabrics always come from old vintage, or retro pieces of clothing
1970's and late 1960's maxi skirts and dresses are the best as this style uses quite a bit of fabric, and therefore leaves you with more fabric to play with. After a good wash a damaged or marked dress that has seen better days, can be turned into a beautiful cushion. 
Here's how you do it: 
Cut the piece of clothing up into the biggest usable piece of fabric by cutting down the seams. Then place a cushion pad in the centre of your fabric. Cut around the pad allowing enough fabric to overlap in the centre of the cushion. Then pin and stitch up, and there you have an envelope cushion. No zips, no buttons, easy peasy. I got a bit carried away and made quite a few. 

Don't you just love the mix of colours, textures and prints.

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