Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Baby Grow Monsters

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Rex is growing at the rate of knots. With all this growing comes lots of old worn baby grows and T's. I know its sad but I also get really attached to certain pieces of Rex's clothing. So this is also a great keepsake for that favourite baby grow. ( Don't leave me hanging, I can't be the only one that has those favourites ?!)
So here is a little fun DIY project that I thought of to use all the worn and tattered old bits of Rex's. 
Less in the landfill too x

All you need to do is get a grow and cut a card template design of a monster you have created.

Place the template on the grow.

Cut out allowing a 1cm seam allowance for stitching together. Then cut out felt details of eyes and teeth etc. 

Stitch the details on before you stitch two pieces together. 
Then place right side to right side and stitch together.
Then stuff, via a tiny hole you leave open after stitching, then top stitch the stuffing hole closed.

Ta dah ! There you have your mini Baby Grow Monster x

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