Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Wardrobe Recycle

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I am still on the de-cluttering mission at home, trying to get rid of stuff I haven't worn in ages. In the process I came across this Aztec printed beauty buried in the depths of the wardrobe that I haven't ever worn. I fell in love with the colours and the print but it is even too 80's for me. I would look like John Collins on a Mexican cruise no matter how I styled it !
I couldn't bear to part with it so I thought why not recycle it and turn it into a high waisted skirt instead that I could then wear winter or summer.
All I did was so easy, cut the top off and stitched the waist up.
A new skirt which I love out old a dress Ive never worn and saved a tiny bit of space in the wardrobe?!
New from the old Brilliant x

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