Saturday, 21 December 2013

Life Lately

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Life lately phew ! I'm so sorry for my slackness in posts I promise the New Year will hopefully bring more regular posts again and more crafting and fun.I'm slowly getting the hang of, and getting into the swing of being a mother of two. Plus trying to set up a new business adventure, blog and be a good wife and mother ! I'm doing all the same as before but my camera seems to be upstairs when I'm downstairs and vice versa. I feel a bit like I'm juggling kids, I put one down and the other needs me and vice versa ! x But life is good and fun and we are gearing up for Christmas and Rex is bouncing off the walls with excitement.Plus we are doing work on the house in Jan so we also have to pack up and move out for a while. 

Like I said things are all go around here !x

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