Thursday, 18 July 2013

The Only Child For Not Much Longer

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I have been relishing and cherishing my last days with Rex being the only child. With my attention only needing to be on him, just my little boy and I, Rex and Kat. I feel sad and excited in equal measures. So happy for the arrival of this new little person, with a new and different personality about to enter into our lives. So sad its not just Rex and I anymore, we've been the dynamic duo for nearly 3 years now and its all about to change in the most amazing but massive way. Rex is gaining a sibling but is going to have to share us and I worry about how that will be for him. I also feel so worried, how do you love another child as much as the one you have? I have been reassured so many time by amazing mums of more that one child. I just love Rex so so so much even more every day which I find so hard to comprehend. How can you feel this x2 ! Amazing ! I am really excited for the future but also very very very scared. OMG how am I going to do this ? ! I am hoping and wishing, and telling my self the thought of doing it is often worse that the task ahead of you. Please let this be true. 
Not Long now x 

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