Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Military DIY Mama Style

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I have been eyeing up all the military inspired goodies on show in the shops recently, especially a great army green shirt with a jewel-encrusted pocket in Zara. Then I saw the price tag and thought I can make one of those and got my DIY hat on.

All you need is an old military shirt from an army surplus store or eBay, which mine is from. Make sure u buy a small 36" or medium 38" as they come up long and boxy.
Then buy whatever sparklers and studs you want to sew on. Alternatively you could just pin a few spangly broaches on for a quick fix. I did both here as I am a more is more kinda lady.
I teamed mine with a brocade skirt (two fashion hits in one), chunky socks and gold shoes.
I feel you have to dress this look up a bit otherwise it turns a bit grungey 90's Nirvana.

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