Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Brrrrumm Brrrrumm Beep Beep

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We have been in more than out at the moment with this rubbish wet summer. So I have been thinking hard at ways to keep master Rex occupied and entertained.
He has suddenly got into cars and is always "Brrrrumm Brrrrumm Beep Beeping " on all fours round the house. I have been eyeing up a road map rug for his cars for a while. But thought as we have hard floors, I could just make a road out of sticking down some coloured insulation tape. You could also use washi tape too, but insulation tape is the cheaper option. This way your roads can be changed often and go round and under furniture, which Rex loves as another past time of his is to shimmy under and climb over everything. Another great thing is you can add to your roads with buildings and bridges built out of blocks, lego and old boxes etc.
A ongoing project with an entertainment value, fingers crossed, for more than 5 mins.

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