Friday, 6 April 2012

Easter Fun & DIY Decorations

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As u can imagine in our home we are in the Easter mood. We have been Easter egg hunting and stroking baby ducklings and rabbits. We also made some egg decorations by blowing a few eggs and painting them. This I have never done before and is a lot harder than I had anticipated. Blowing the yolk out takes some serious puff and then to paint them it takes layers and layers to get an even colour. We got there in the end after lots of scrambled and broken eggs later. Meet our fluro french character and polka dot eggs. Of course I had to make a pom pom chicken for Rex that was a given, with a beak and feet made out of felt. All hung on the painted twigs that I had used for my table decoration from Christmas.
Also arriving in the post was a wonderful surprise Easter gift of some gorgeous hand made bunting by Jill Lance A.K.A Mummy Lance. In beautiful spring like fabrics which she makes to order. If anyone is interested in putting an order in, let me know know and I will forward you her details.
Thank you Jill I Love my bunting x

Happy Easter Everyone!

Hope yours is filled with Sun, Love, Fun and lots of Chocolate.

Kat x

Beautiful Bunting made by Jill x

Vintage Russian wooden Easter Egg

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